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Meeting Taylor Swift is Dream Come True for Sick Kid

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Selena Yorke (Facebook)

Taylor Swift truly is the queen of hearts when it comes to reaching out to her fans — especially the youngest and most vulnerable ones. She's written a song about a 4-year-old who died far too soon, invited a teenage cancer patient to be her date at an awards show, and now has made another sick child's dream come true.

Last year, 11-year-old Canadian Selena Yorke was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease, Friedreich’s Ataxia, which causes its victims to slowly lose their ability to walk and talk. There is no known cure for the condition, and Yorke has already lost so much muscle strength that she is now in a wheelchair part of the time.

The little girl has a bright spot that helps her get through, however: Taylor Swift. "I like her because she's awesome and because her music is inspiring," Yorke said in an interview with Global News.

When Yorke's mom, Carianne, found out Swift would be stopping in Vancouver June 29 as part of her RED tour, she decided to take action by putting together a Facebook campaign in hopes of scoring a meeting with her daughter's favorite singer. "[Selena] is faced with so much I just want to put a smile on her face and a give her a memory that will last a lifetime," her mother explained.

The page did not receive an exorbiant amount of "likes" (only 1,345 at posting time), but Swift's camp caught wind of the campaign when the family appeared on the news. So there was, as you might expect, a happy ending to this tale — Yorke was informed she'd get to meet her idol.

And according to her mom, she had an amazing experience. "She was very sweet! She hugged her, Taylor said she glad she got to meet Selena," Carianne enthused on Facebook, adding a photo from the RED tour photographers. "Selena said the same thing to her. She was very sweet, she is so beautiful inside and out."

Now, if that story didn't touch your heart at least a little bit, we don't know what to make of you! Swift's RED tour is continuing across North America through September. You can keep up with her schedule here.

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