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Mindy McCready Hospitalized For Possible Overdose

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It's not easy to synopsize Mindy McCready's personal life. It is, however, really easy to boil it down to one single word: Troubled.

The singer, who has both a double-platinum and a gold record under her belt but hasn't charted a single since 2002, holds a near-record for headline-grabbing controversial events--from her well-documented substance-abuse issues, to multiple suicide attempts, to her rocky love life (including alleged affairs with public figures, and a rumored sex tape).

Phew. See, I told you it wasn't easy to nutshell--there's just been too much going on over the past decade and a half.

And now, here's yet another chapter, which true to McCready-creed is rolling out in complicated format.

Things were starting to look calmer for McCready this year. She released an album last month, started to come to terms with her addiction issues (she did an apparently healing stint on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, which aired earlier this year), and began attempting to regain custody of her 4-year-old son (currently under the guardianship of McCready's mother).

Then, this morning, she was rushed to a Florida hospital for a possible drug overdose.

All right. Pretty straightforward. The woman has a history of this sort of thing, right? Same old, same old.

But wait--not so fast. As soon as mainstream news outlets began reporting the story, celebrity gossip site TMZ added this wrinkle to the tale: McCready didn't actually OD. She had a bad reaction to a prescription painkiller, taken to ease a broken toe she'd suffered a couple days ago. Her mother, whom she was visiting, overreacted to the issue and called 911.

This version of the story is backed up by a rep for McCready, according to TMZ. McCready is "totally coherent," "can't believe her mother did this," and now is speculating her mom deliberately behaved in this manner in order to try and keep custody of McCready's young son.

Officials at the hospital where McCready was admitted are not releasing information but are confirming she is in good condition.

My, my, my. What a mess. Whose story to believe? Like I said: Troubled

I have to say, part of me feels very sorry for McCready. She seems to never really catch a break, even though I have to admit she--like pretty much all of us out there--is largely responsible for her own circumstances. However, I think she made a good faith attempt this year to start fresh. (Dr. Drew Pinsky seems to agree with me--he stated in an interview last month that she's doing well.)

And, as a mother myself, I can't imagine the heartbreak she must feel over the loss of her son, and any attempts to derail her opportunity to mend that relationship.

But--and here's the rub--also speaking as a mom, I conversely can't help but think McCready still has a few more miles to go before she should consider restructuring a primary caretaker's role. There is a very young child in the balance. I hate to be like this, but the woman has a history.

I'm torn on what I think, so I'm just going to make it simple and pray things turn out for the best, for all of the parties involved. Most especially McCready herself.

Why don't you all let me know what you think of the whole issue?

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