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Mindy McCready’s Older Son Returned to His Father

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McKnight and son Zander/Facebook

It has been five months since troubled country star Mindy McCready took her own life, in the wake of her boyfriend's death just weeks earlier. One question that has remained on fans' minds is the fate of her two young sons, who were taken into state care following her death. However, in the case of her older son, 7-year-old Zander, it appears there is finally a resolution: He's apparently been returned to his father, musician Billy McKnight.

According to a post on McKnight's Facebook account, Zander officially arrived at his dad's Tampa-area home on Sunday. "Praise God today along with a lot of support and love from family and friends I am finally bringing my son home for good," McKnight wrote. "I want to thank all of you for the prayers that's been sent to me. I cannot express with words the weight that has been lifted off my shoulders."

Those familiar with the McCready saga will no doubt recall that there has been controversy involved with McKnight. He was arrested in 2005 for allegedly breaking into McCready's home and attempting to strangle her. Both he and McCready eventually lost custody of their son, who was put in the care of his maternal grandmother. (McCready regained custody of the boy shortly before her death.)

However, McKnight put forth consistent effort to win Zander back, filing a court request for full custody shortly after McCready's boyfriend, music producer David Knight, allegedly committed suicide in January.

"He shouldn't have been taken from me to begin with," McKnight told Today after McCready died. "He has a happy home here, I can provide for him. It's just been a big mess. Enough is enough."

A representative who formerly handled McCready was unable to confirm whether McKnight legally has full custody of the child.

Zander unquestionably has been through more than any 7-year-old should have to endure, but thankfully, he appears happy and healthy in the photos both McKnight and his wife are posting on Facebook — which portray him in ordinary scenarios such as riding a bike around the neighborhood and watching TV with the family dog.

There is no word as to who will ultimately win custody of McCready's younger son, 1-year-old Zayne, whose father is McCready's late boyfriend Wilson. McKnight told Today that he hopes Zayne will stay with McCready's family, who live an hour and a half away from him. "I'd like to keep those boys being brothers together," he explained.

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