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Miranda Lambert Changes Up Her Hair One Week Before CMA Awards

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Blame it on Blake Shelton: When his wife, Miranda Lambert, tweeted on Tuesday "Gettin a new do!" the Voice coach and fellow country celebrity took this as an opportunity to set some big expectations.

An innocent Twitter fan, who goes by the handle "Miranda Lambert Fan," asked Shelton what Lambert's new hairstyle looked like. Shelton responded, " Hmmm... Oh! Ever seen There's Something About Mary?"

OK, so there's two things that he could be referring to here in regards to the 1998 comedy. Either lead actress Cameron Diaz's sassy chin-length bob (gasp!) or the infamous scene in which she, uh, styles her hair with some, uh, hair gel (Oh, Blake!). Either way, it was a tantalizing comment that caused Ran fans to ponder what exactly the (formerly?) long-haired Lambert had done to herself.

Turns out that, of course, Shelton was being his usual wiseacre self. Lambert tweeted a photo, adding "A change would do u good"--and it turns out to be a subtle but tasteful trim to her shoulders, plus some stylish sweeping bangs.

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While not drastic, this is a dramatic change in light of the fact that Lambert will be walking a high-profile red carpet next week for the Country Music Association Awards. She's up for four awards, including a joint nomination with Shelton for Song of the Year, as well as holding position as a featured performer of the night. The CMA Awards will air live from Nashville 11/1 on ABC at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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