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Miranda Lambert Has A ‘Voice’ When It Comes To Christina Aguilera!

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Hey, just because Miranda Lambert has settled down and become a nice married girl--that doesn't mean she's lost all traces of the "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" persona that made her famous in the first place.

What's Lambert up to, you say? Nothing serious--just has been kind of, well, feisty while cheering on her husband, Blake Shelton, during his appearances on the NBC reality show The Voice. A few of her tweets this week on her Twitter account have been construed by fans as a bit testy towards Shelton's fellow Voice coach Christina Aguilera.

Lambert's public ire began Tuesday evening when Aguilera tweeted a ribbing comment about Shelton and Voice coach Adam Levine. "Was Blake just about to make out w/Adam as he sang that song into his eyes?" she teased. "That was some strange bro-mance...What's been happening behind the cameras?"

To this, Lambert fired back: "Calling all males: Please relieve Christina from her obvious Frustration before things get....ugly."

After this, a fan on Twitter addressed Lambert, asking if she were jealous because Shelton said Aguilera was the best singer he'd ever heard.

Lambert answered, "u should hear what else he said."

Oooo, burn! Talk about gunpowder and lead, folks.

However, Lambert seemed to be aware that she might have crossed a tactful line--because shortly after she made the following pronouncement: "Whoa peeps calm it. No one said anything mean about your girl Xtina. Just cheering for my hubby. Every competion needs a good cheerleader."

She punctuated the tweet with smiley icons to further underline her goodwill, but I don't know. I sure wouldn't want to have The Mrs. Shelton as my enemy!

Aguilera apparently was not following Lambert's account and did not respond to any of the taunts. That's OK; we're sure Blake can handle both women on his own.

Are you keeping up with Blake on The Voice? Be sure to let me know what you think of the show--and Miranda's "cheerleading"!--here.

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