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Miranda Lambert On Blake Shelton: ‘They Were Brave To Let Him Present Me!’

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One of the most affecting performances at Sunday night's Grammy Awards was Miranda Lambert's emotional delivery of "The House That Built Me"--the hit that landed her the Best Female Country Vocal Performance win, as well as her first-ever Grammy.

Country fans all over probably sucked in their breath when the performance was announced, however. Lambert's fiance, Blake Shelton, was the one who did the honors of introducing her on stage. And, as we all know, Mr. Shelton has a rep as a bit of a clown (to say the least). It was anyone's guess what exactly he'd come out with up there!

However, Shelton played it straight and gave uncharacteristically serious and sweet props to his wife-to-be. "When I say I love this next performer, what I mean is I love this next performer," he said. "She is not only one of the most talented people in the world, she happens to be my fiancee." Awwww.

As adorable as Shelton's speech happened to be, it still was out of character--so, the question was presented after the show: Did Lambert tell him what to say?

The answer? Nope! "Blake doesn't listen to prompters or me or anybody else," Lambert laughed, adding, "They were brave to let him present me."

Today is Valentine's Day, of course, but everyone's favorite country couple doesn't seem to be bound for a particularly romantic day. As Shelton told People, "The Grammys have kind of screwed up Valentine's Day for everybody here."

Why's that? Well, the ever-truthful Shelton admitted: "We're all going to get wasted tonight...And we're going to feel like crap. The last thing we're going to want to do tomorrow is touch each other."'

This news didn't seem to faze Lambert--who actually failed to thank her fiance when giving her Grammy acceptance speech (she explained that she simply forgot). Shelton doesn't want to touch her? No problem, she's got a replacement all lined up.

As she laughingly admitted after the show, she's going to celebrate V-day "by kissing my Grammy!"

All this talk about love--well, I just love Blake and Miranda, even if they're not going anywhere near each other on this most romantic of days. (In fact, I kind of love them all the more for that.) How 'bout you all? Be sure to tell me what you think.

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