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NCAA Hotshot Publicly Declares Love For Taylor Swift

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If you're all caught up in March Madness like the rest of the country, chances are you're enjoying the little-10th-seed-that-could story of St. Mary's Gaels, who are making all sorts of news with their upsets of Goliath-like opponents.

And, if you've heard of the Gaels, you've heard of their showman center Omar Samhan--a 6'11" powerhouse nicknamed "the Beast" who helped his team topple Villanova last weekend and will take on third-seed Baylor tonight.

Well, guess who this particular Beast has a crush on? During a press conference on Thursday, Samhan--known for his outspoken personality as well as his sports skillz--waited until he was sure cameras were on, then declared: "I love you, Taylor. You should call me!"

Lest anyone be confused about which Taylor he meant, he later tweeted on his Twitter account: "Taylor Swift lets get lunch! I am a Beast you could be Beauty."

Samhan doesn't just like Swift for her physical charms. He told AP News that he likes to listen to the singer's mellow and melodic love songs before games.

Kind of a strange choice, given that most athletes would probably rather listen to something more...pumping?...before going out to whip teams seeded way above them. Samhan admits he's a bit of an anomaly in this area.

"People think it's weird," he noted. "But there is so much emotion and excitement before these games, it just kind of slows you down. And it keeps me mellow, because I'm just like a time bomb waiting to go off."

"I love her, and I'm going to keep listening to her."

So, Taylor, are you going to take Omar up on his offer for lunch, or a phone call? It seems Taylor is more enamored of the artsy type, given her list of past boyfriends--but hey, I say, go for it, and give Omar a chance! If anything, he's nice and tall--good for Taylor's nearly 6-foot frame. Plus country girls and sports guys are great combos!

Well...okay...maybe not if you are Jessica Simpson or Mindy McCready. But there's always Carrie Underwood, right?!

Good luck with the big game tonight, Omar--and we wish you best of luck with Taylor, too.

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