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Ne-Yo Is ‘Gaga’ For Country Music

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I have to say, folks--it's hard to top the antics of our own artists here in the country music world, but here's one for the books. R&B sensation Ne-Yo is working on pinning down shock-pop princess Lady Gaga for a collaboration.

Okay, you're saying. Why should a country fan care about this?

Well, here's the punch line: He says he wants it to be a country collaboration! (You saw that coming, I hope.)

"It would be amazing if we could do a country and western record, something totally unexpected," Ne-Yo told British publication the Daily Star, adding that he's already reached out to Gaga ("Our people are talking").

This shouldn't come as too much of a stunning announcement to those who are true Ne-Yo fans and follow his press closely. The urban hitmaker has mentioned his appreciation for country music several times over the past couple of years, and even worked with a Nashville songwriter, Luke Laird, on a track for his upcoming album Libra Scale.

Laird himself told CMT earlier this year that Ne-Yo is "A big country guy." Given that Laird has worked with some of country music's bona fide royalty--including writing multiple hits for Carrie Underwood--I really have no problem taking his word for it.

Additionally, Ne-Yo's dream duet partner seems to enjoy country music herself. Well, at least some country music. Back in June, Gaga mentioned her guilty pleasure song was Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me," which she admitted she couldn't help belting out whenever it came on the radio.

Ne-Yo's currently busy working with Beyonce on her next album, so the Gaga collab is probably not going to happen for a while. Still, I'm looking forward to hearing what they come up with. Hey, if it turns out to be good country, you can't knock it, right? Maybe Luke Laird will help them out.

Are you interested in hearing Ne-Yo and Gaga "gone country"? Be sure to let me know!

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