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New Country-Heavy ‘Footloose’ Soundtrack Features Fun Covers

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Country fans will be cuttin' loose and kickin' off their Sunday shoes today--because the soundtrack to the new 2011 remake of Footloose is available, and it's a country-heavy release, to say the least!

The new Footloose (the film, that is) stars Julianne Hough as lead gal Ariel Moore. So, with that country marker already in place, the soundtrack follows suit with music from Blake Shelton, Zac Brown, Big & Rich (yay! They've been gone for a while), and a handful of newer country artists to boot.

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If you're wondering how the new soundtrack compares to the 1984 soundtrack--the new effort covers four tunes from the original--and I have to say, it's these covers that I found to be the most enjoyable of all on what is a pretty upbeat soundtrack (yes, I was around in 1984...I wasn't that old, mind you...but I remember the original songs).

Of course, the first cover everyone's talking about is Shelton's party-time take on the title track. But it's also pretty fun to hear Jana Kramer's twanged-up countrified version of "Let's Hear It For The Boy"; especially since Deniece Williams's 1984 take on the tune is probably the most poppy song in existence. Ditto Ella Mae Bowen's "Holding Out For A Hero," which strips away Bonnie Tyler's histrionic whip cracks and drum machines and instead focuses on the ballad side of things, resulting in a dramatically different sound. The one cover that probably mirrors the original the most is Hunter Hayes's and Victoria Justice's "Almost Paradise." It's a bit of a sappily sweet song both then and now, but I think it sounds better with a country treatment.

Footloose, the film, hits theaters October 14. Will you be seeing the movie or picking up the soundtrack? Be sure to let me know!

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