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Newest ‘Got Milk?’ Country Cutie? It’s Miranda Lambert!

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She's well-known for her love of Bacardi--even invented her own cocktail using the brand!--and has told her personal trainer that giving up alcohol isn't a dietary option. However, Miranda Lambert does have a penchant for another, more wholesome drink. In fact, she's now the newest spokesperson for it.

Yup, Lambert is the latest in a string of celebs to join the Got Milk? campaign. On Wednesday, the singer--who's nominated in four categories at the Country Music Association Awards the following day--announced her participation in the famous campaign and unveiled her new ad, which boasts a sexy shot in her Old Gringo cowboy boots and the copy "Fine Tune Your Morning." Oh, and a white mustache, of course!

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Lambert's new ad

Lambert noted that she feels the ad campaign is a great fit for her. "I'm a girl from Texas and I grew up having big breakfasts with my family," she smiled. "Milk was always on the table." She related that her mom always made sure that she had breakfast with protein before school--"Even if it was just a Pop-Tart out the door and a glass of milk to go!"

"I'm a normal-sized girl, a healthy girl, and I think it's because I have a healthy lifestyle--and drink milk," Lambert continued, joking, "It does my body gooood!"

Lambert joins the ranks of fellow country gals who've touted the benefits of milk over the years, including LeAnn Rimes, Carrie Underwood, and Taylor Swift.


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