Newlywed Miranda Lambert Shows Off Her ‘Catch’

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All right, I'll admit it...I've been frothing at the mouth for photographic details of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's wedding. I haven't come up with much (just some drool-worthy descriptions of her jewelry and dress). But that said, I do have a clue to the happy couple's honeymoon locale!

Lambert posted a photo to her Twitter account on Tuesday, wearing what appears to be a vacation-worthy bikini...worn underneath a pair of striped overalls, and overshadowed by a big ol' fish which she's apparently just caught. She captioned the shot, "Honeymoon bliss!"

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Doesn't look like the Sheltons are honeymooning anywhere exotic. Wherever the two are casting their rods, I love that they are having a trip that epitomizes their laid-back, country-to-the-core personalities. Can't you just see the two sitting on a pair of Igloo coolers and having a brew while they fry up their dinner?

All I can say is, nice catch (and I mean that in every sense, Miranda)!

In other news, a rep for the new bride has confirmed to US Weekly that she'll be taking on Shelton's last name legally, while keeping "Lambert" professionally.

Any idea as to where exactly Mr. and Mrs. Shelton might be honeymooning? I'm going to guess the two decided to park it at home in Oklahoma for a few days (and turned their cell phones off). Be sure to post your guesses here!

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