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No Shirt? No Problem–Kenny’s Got You Covered

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Kenny Chesney sure doesn't let any sandcastles form under his feet. It's been quite the summer for the singer. At the end of July, he took the heat for (allegedly) breaking up Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo--a rumor which flared up and burned out as quickly as Jessica's country-music career (oop! Just kidding).

Then came the announcement that he was launching a new online radio station, No Shoes Radio, featuring a beachy-lifestyle playlist drawn from his own iPod.

Then, we heard that No Shoes Radio was partnering with restaurant chain Hooters. Unfortunately you do have to wear shoes (and, alas, a shirt) at Hooters, or you'll get thrown out. But there are lots of Jessica Simpson-wannabes waiting tables there!

Does the chain of coincidence here astound you? It gets better!

Okay. So where did we leave off? Wearing shirts at Hooters? Well, Kenny's got you covered there as well too. He announced this week the unveiling of his very own clothing line, Blue Chair Bay, which will provide men and women with casual t-shirts, pants, and shorts suitable for vacation or kicking back at home.

Right now the clothes are making a debut at a few brick-and-mortar Southern-area stores, but should be available across the country shortly. I did a quick search online and could only find Blue Chair Bay hats for sale, which appear to be endorsed by Chesney but not related to this particular launch. In my sleuthing, however, I discovered a report that stated yes, THEM OL' CUTOFFS will be part of the line. No word on whether pooka necklaces will be up for grabs.

So, folks, Kenny Chesney has made it really easy to live the life. Right? Just put on some Blue Chair Bay cutoffs, tune into No Shoes Radio, and feast your eyes on that stacked blonde in the orange t-shirt pouring your beer. A couple more of those beers, and hey--she may just turn into Jessica Simpson! Kenny Chesney=Genius!

Let us know what you think about Kenny's new endeavor as designer (after you've sobered up, now, right?).

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