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Oops! Scotty McCreery Falls Off Stage Opening For Brad Paisley

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All the work Scotty McCreery put into winning last year's season of American Idol seemed to teach him one valuable lesson: How to roll with the unexpected! The singer put this into practice Friday night, when he actually fell off the stage, right into his audience, at a New York outdoor performance.

McCreery, who was opening up for Brad Paisley, was deep into an energetic rendition of Travis Tritt's "T.R.O.U.B.L.E" when he accidentally missed the edge of the stage and toppled down into the crowd. Ouch!

To his credit, he achieved a remarkable "save"--without missing a beat, he rolled right back on and almost made the fall look deliberate. Watch and see for yourselves (the big moment comes at around 8:15).

The affable singer joked about the incident on Twitter later. "Dagum @BradPaisley pranked me again...he narrowed up the stage on me for my last song...#MeetTheCrowdNight #ImOk," he quipped.

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Paisley--who is a known prankster when on tour--didn't actually have anything to do with the accident. But he couldn't resist poking a little fun at his opening act for their next show. When McCreery took the stage at their following date, he found himself surrounded by safety tape and orange cones. "Thanks Brad!" he tweeted.

McCreery is touring through October--you can keep up with his schedule here, but look out for flying bodies if you happen to catch a show!

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