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Oprah Premieres Her First Music Vid–And It’s Country!

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It seems as if every other day I'm writing about how country music is taking over the world (or, at the very least, expanding its fanbase at a rapid clip). I thought this year's country-heavy Grammy awards was the ultimate proof that the genre is finally sitting pretty on top of the heap.

Heck. I was wrong! Today, I got super-ultimate proof!

Oprah Winfrey--you may have heard of her--is a really popular talk-show host. Some people refer to her as the most influential woman in the world. I believe she is a billionaire, too. Whatever you personally think of her, she's pretty successful at recommending interesting things for people to check out--some of these things being Wally Lamb (and, yeah, James Frey too, even if he was a big fat liar), The Color Purple, The Secret, Dr. Phil McGraw, and Barack Obama, among many others.

What's this have to do with country music? Well, today, Oprah decided for the first time in her media history to premiere a music video on her site, Oprah.com. And guess which artist she chose to start with?

Lady Antebellum. A country band! Okay, this beats out even Taylor Swift winning Album of the Year at the Grammys. Well, almost. But this is OPRAH, folks! Yay!

You can watch the premiere of Lady A's "American Honey" on Oprah's site by clicking here. The award-winning trio also made an appearance on Oprah's talk show today, where they performed a medley of "Need You Now" and "Run To You."

All I can say is: Country music. Oprah. Sorry for all the italics! But this is world domination, folks!

And a whole lot more genuine than James Frey!

Check out Lady A's excellent video and let me know what you think.

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