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Owl City’s Adam Young Sends Swoon-Worthy Love Message To Taylor Swift

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Okay, and now for the Valentine's Day story of them all this year.

By now, every Taylor Swift fan knows that the superstar singer is fond of writing about boys she has feelings for. And, that she likes to put little "hidden messages" in her songs in order for folks to decode exactly whom she is talking about.

And, by now, fans all know that her tune "Enchanted," off October's release Speak Now, is purportedly about Adam Young, the face behind pop project Owl City. Her wildly romantic lyrics discuss a first encounter that leaves her "wonderstruck"--"I'll spend forever wondering if you knew I was enchanted to meet you," she laments.

Well, Taylor, you don't have to wonder anymore. Adam Young has finally responded. In a public post on the Owl City site, Young has penned a special message to Swift that's guaranteed to make any girl swoon:

"Dearest Taylor,

I'll be the first to admit I'm a rather shy boy and since music is the most eloquent form of communication I can muster, I decided to record something for you--a sort of a 'reply' to the breathtaking song on your current record. This is what I wanted so badly to tell you in person but could never quite put into words:

Everything about you is lovely. You're an immensely charming girl with a beautiful heart and more grace and elegance than I know how to describe. You are a true princess from a dreamy fairy tale, and above all, I just want you to know...I was enchanted to meet you too.

Love, Adam."

Dizzy yet? Well, there's more. As promised, Young includes a full stream of his own special version of "Enchanted." He gives it a non-country smooth jazzy vibe, throwing Taylor's name in repeatedly, and changing the lines just slightly to say "I was enchanted to meet you too."

The result? Probably the cutest story I've ever come across in my life. This is up there with newborn babies, puppies, kittens, and Disney movies, folks. I'm blushing, and I'm not even Taylor! Listen for yourselves:

I can only imagine what Taylor--a bona fide hopeless romantic if there ever were one--will think when she hears it.

Fans seem to agree. Young's version of the song is already virally circulating to rave reviews. Comments are gushingly positive: "This version gives me goosebumps." "Taylor, if you're not going to marry him, I AM." "Gosh, he's wonderful." "This gives me hope that there ARE good guys out there!" "I bet it will melt her heart."

Young and Swift have publicly expressed praise for each other's music, but the pair have not hooked up to date--either professionally or personally.

Adam, I'd say you just scored big time. Even if you and Taylor don't end up together, it sounds like you've won over half the female population of the world, anyway. Nicely done, sir!

And Taylor--it's up to you, but I'd just say you might want to at least go on one date with the guy!

Happy Valentine's Day! May your holiday be as sweet as this story!

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