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Parenthood Is No ‘Fad’ For Kellie Pickler

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American Idol alum Kellie Pickler doesn't seem to take herself overly seriously. As she tweeted a few days ago, "God obviously has a sense of humor or he damn sure wouldn't have made me."

The charming singer, however, does take one thing very seriously indeed--parenthood. In an interview with CMT Radio airing on Monday, she was asked that ever-so-popular "newlywed question": When are you planning to have children? Pickler, who has been married to songwriter Kyle Jacobs less than a year (the pair tied the knot on New Year's Day 2011), said she'll cross that bridge when she and her husband are ready. In other words, doesn't sound like any time soon.

Pickler also had some pretty stern words for those who are cavalier about parenthood. "I don't know what's gotten into these kids where they feel like they have got to have a baby because their friend has one or whatever," she noted. "They don't take into consideration that it's a very selfish thing to do if you're not prepared and ready."

"It's almost like a fad," she added.

It's not too surprising that Pickler has these strong thoughts about parenthood, given her own background--as all her fans know, she was raised by her grandparents due to her own parents' inability to provide a stable environment.

Besides this, Pickler is very young--she'll turn 25 on Tuesday. What's the rush, right? She's also in the middle of working on her third album, which has no release date yet, so she probably wants to finish cooking up that baby first!

No doubt Pickler's fellow recent country brides Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, and LeAnn Rimes are all facing the same "baby fever" questions...but I'm willing to bet they're all going to take it nice and slow regarding family planning. And I personally think this is the smart way to go. Plenty of time, girls--work on your careers now!

Do you agree with Kellie's thoughts on parenthood? Be sure to let me know what's on your minds!

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