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President Obama Wants Lady Antebellum, The Band Perry To Join His Campaign

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So, it appears that President Obama would like a little bit of country added to his campaign efforts for 2012. The Commander-In-Chief has Lady Antebellum and the Band Perry on a list of musicians, athletes, political officials and actors approved by his campaign officials to help him in his bid for re-election.

However, this doesn't mean that the two bands named are necessarily going to participate. Both Lady A and the Band Perry have stated they have no intentions of aligning themselves politically--with any campaign.

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Lady Antebellum

Part of the confusion in this story lies in the title of the list--it's called "Confirmed and Passed Surrogates" and includes a number of other celebs who are well-known Obama supporters, such as Jay-Z, George Clooney, and Oprah Winfrey.

"The members of Lady Antebellum did not submit their name for inclusion on the surrogate list for Obama's campaign," Lady Antebellum's publicist clarified in a statement. "[The] request for confirmation comes as a surprise to me because the band has never commented on their political affiliations nor do they plan to in the future."

Meanwhile, according to the Tennessean, a spokesperson for the Band Perry noted that the band hasn't endorsed anyone for president, and is not likely to do so.

A spokesperson for the Obama campaign stated on Wednesday that--despite the title of "confirmed and passed"--the surrogate list is merely a wish list of participants for campaign events. "Not everyone on this list has been contacted or agreed to help the campaign."

President Obama has welcomed a wide variety of country musicians to the White House twice during his term, as part of First Lady Michelle Obama's "In Performance At The White House" series celebrating various genres of music. The Band Perry was one of the performers at the latest country series, which was held in November of 2011.

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