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Randy Houser’s Tour Bus Goes Up In Flames–But The Show Goes On!

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Talk about something you really don't ever want to experience firsthand: On Wednesday afternoon, Randy Houser and his crew were in South Carolina prepping for their show that evening, when all of a sudden they noticed flames coming from the rear suite of their bus.

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The bus rapidly filled up with black smoke, but thankfully everyone got out safely. As for their belongings...well, that was another story.

"Lost all my clothes," texted Houser to his manager. "I'm pretty sad, but so thankful we all got off safely. That fire burned all through our home on wheels."

Later, Houser did discover that at least his footwear was intact. "Boots did survive!" he tweeted, posting a shot to prove it.

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However: "Gonna have to do some shopping," he admitted. "This really sucks." To say the least!

All of the band's gear (save Houser's guitar) was destroyed in the fire. Regardless, Houser insisted that the evening's gig--a benefit for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital--would not be canceled.

And it sure wasn't! Houser, taking the practical approach that at least everyone (and his boot collection!) was unharmed, rocked the crowd with what some called one of his best shows ever. 

As a fan wrote on Houser's website Thursday: "Y'all put on a GREAT show last night!! I have a whole new found respect for Randy Houser and his crew!!! What a day they had, yet, pleased the crowd like no other!"

In return, Houser tweeted to fans: "God bless all that have sent well wishes to me and the others on the bus. We love and appreciate your concern."

The cause of the fire remains unknown. Hopefully, Houser and company will be riding in comfort again for their next tour stop, which is March 18 in Bradenton, Florida. In the meantime, enjoy this exclusive performance for Ram Country of "In God's Time."

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