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It's not like anyone with half a brain couldn't figure out who Joe Jonas is singing about in the Jonas Brothers' new tune, "Much Better."

Although he demurred by saying fans could figure it out for themselves (hey, thanks for giving us the benefit of the doubt, Joe!)--the stanza "Now I'm done with superstars/And all the tears on her guitar" is a rather baldfaced reference to ex-girfriend Taylor Swift's 2007 hit "Teardrops On My Guitar."

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Hey, we'll admit Taylor got a little mouthy about the breakup herself. Check out the clip of her dissing the poor defenseless Jonas doll here:

I think that little skit turned my preteen niece against her forever. But--in terms of recorded art, at least her dedication to their romantic demise, "Forever And Always," was a bit more...subtle. Joe might as well have hit us all over the head with a copy of Fearless.

And now, just in case--doh!--we didn't get it, Joe dropped a further hint while performing the song in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Monday night. He cleverly changed the lyric to "now I'm done with country stars." (Listen carefully, and you can hear the little switcheroo around 0:11 in the video below.)

Joe clearly doesn't think his audience is all that, uh, swift, does he? So, what will he do next to make sure we really get it? Tomorrow night will he sing "Now I'm done with country stars...who auto-tune with T-Pain and dress like Trekkies..."?

Stay tuned, country fans, we're on the case.



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