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Sarah Darling Suggests “Something To Do With Your Hands”–In The Kitchen!

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Are you a fan of rising star Sarah Darling and her hit "Something To Do With Your Hands"? Well, while the lyrics to that song suggest activity on the, ahem, adult side--Darling is a well-rounded girl who can also recommend some nice G-rated things to do with your hands.

What's that, you say? Well, what's more wholesome than a gal who knows how to use her hands to slow-cook? Darling is apparently so talented in the kitchen that she's just announced an alliance with the folks who make Crock-Pot® Slow Cookers. Her photo will appear on the packaging of one million select Crock-Pots, and if you're lucky enough to get your hands on one, you'll get a free download of Darling's video for "Something To Do With Your Hands."

This is no joke, folks. Darling really loves slow-cooking. "I am absolutely obsessed," she says of her Crock-Pot and the creative dishes she's whipped up in it.

For those who are similarly inclined, Darling is also helming a campaign for the company called "Crockstar Confessions," encouraging fellow chefs to share recipes and tips on how they "rock the crock."

Okay, okay, I know it sounds a little funny--but tune in here on Facebook if you'd like to get some new ideas to fill up your slow-cooker. (I don't think I've used mine in years. This is inspiring me to haul it out.) You can even possibly win a $2500 prize--or, hey, a Crock-Pot!--just by participating.

When Darling isn't rocking her crock (or otherwise employing her hands) at home, she's extremely busy with her music--currently, she's in the studio with superproducer Dan Huff working up her upcoming album which will be released in 2012. She also made her Opry debut in February, and has played there several times since.

Okay...so who's feeling kinda hungry now? Be sure to let me know your thoughts!

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