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Shania Twain Gets Married On New Year’s Day

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All hail in the first official country bride of 2011! Just (barely) weeks after publicly announcing her engagement, Shania Twain married Swiss businessman Frederic Thiebaud in Puerto Rico on New Year's Day.

According to People, the couple tied the knot in a small sunset ceremony, with about 40 friends and family members as guests.

Twain and Thiebaud have been dating since 2009, following Twain's divorce from husband Robert "Mutt" Lange in 2008. The pair grew close after their respective spouses allegedly had an affair (although, both exes deny that the affair was the cause for their splits).

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Twain had blogged to fans letting them know that her adjustment to divorce was not easy. "I needed to lean on others more often than I was accustomed to," she noted, then explained that Thiebaud's support was a key element. "[He] has been a true gift to me as a compassionate, understanding friend and over time, an amazing love has blossomed from this precious friendship."

Twain first hinted at the role Thiebaud played in her life back in August, when she posted a blog entry on her birthday. "A dear friend and true gentleman by the name of Fred, has been the most constant companion of support," she said. "He understood me better than anyone. We leaned on one another through the ups and downs, taking turns holding each other up. We've become stronger and closer through it all."

"Love, peace and happiness is taking me in to 2011," Twain said in her engagement announcement online. "I'm feeling refreshed and optimistic about the future."

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Sounds like a wonderful love story to us. Congratulations to a new year, and a new bride!

What with all the country girls getting engaged in 2010, I knew there'd be a rash of weddings in 2011, but didn't expect to hear about one this soon! Are you surprised to hear about Shania's wedding so quickly after her engagement was announced? Be sure to let me know what's on your mind.


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