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Shh! Don’t Tell Anyone! Carrie Underwood Offers Sneak Preview Of “Good Girl”

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Okay, all you rabid Carrie Underwood fans out there. Her new single, "Good Girl"--which is the first cut off her upcoming fourth album--hits radio officially on Thursday. So you don't have very long to wait for some new music.

However, Underwood realizes how painful anticipation can be (even a mere 48 hours worth), and so therefore has decided to give everyone a sneak preview of the song.

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Carrie Underwood

In an unlisted YouTube video accessible from her official website, Underwood takes fans behind the scenes at the studio, where she explains she's spending her last day putting the finishing touches on the new album. While we're there, she decides to let us hear a bit of the music.

"I don't think I'm supposed to do this," Underwood giggles. "But I'm so excited about the first single 'Good Girl,' I thought I'd give you guys a little teaser."

After all: "Hey, what are they gonna do to me?" she muses.

Right? Right. Anyway, watch the video for yourselves, and you can hear a bit of "Good Girl" right now!

It seems as if Underwood is going for more of a rock than country vibe with this particular single. Do you agree? We'll hear the whole thing this week, but in the meantime, be sure to let me know your thoughts.

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