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Stunning Costumes In Zac Brown Band’s New Video Designed By Brown’s Own Wife

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Sure, it's easy to be mesmerized by the Zac Brown Band's new video for "Goodbye In Her Eyes"--the lush colors, old-time circus theme, and romantic vibe make for one of this year's loveliest country clips overall. However, there's actually a cool backstory behind the making of the production, as well. The band didn't hire an outside wardrobe stylist to see to the female lead's intricate costume designs--they kept this job in the family. Zac Brown's wife, Shelly, handled it all herself!

Shelly Brown, a stylist and avid fashionista, carefully researched images of circuses and carnivals as well as vintage fashion looks to come up with a unique look for actress Jaime Murray. Brown also took care of wardrobe for the band itself--all the other performers in the video are real circus workers, and are dressed in their own clothes.

After coming up with a slate of design ideas--and with particular inspiration from images of the beautiful accused World War I spy Mata Hari--Brown then got down to business actually sewing and assembling a variety of custom costumes Murray would wear. (By the way, she did all of this late at night after putting her four daughters to bed--talk about a true working mom!)

Brown used everything from material from her favorite local fabric store to a bathrobe from her own closet to create the dramatic looks you see here. Her personal favorite? The patchwork skirt and bustier outfit.

Photo: (Jolie Loren)

Photo: (Jolie Loren)

Photo: (Jolie Loren)

For more behind-the-scenes photos detailing the making of the video, click here.


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