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Sugarland Mixes It Up With Rap, R&B Legends For TV Special

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Sugarland has already received flak from country radio regarding its single "Stuck Like Glue," most specifically for the distinctly non-country reggae-styled break in the tune.

Well, never ones to shy away from pushing the envelope (especially when already accused of doing so!)--the duo went even further and injected a bit of bona fide hip-hop into the song when performing it for the special VH1 Divas Salute The Troops, an all-star concert presented by and benefitting the USO, which aired Sunday night.

No, frontwoman Jennifer Nettles did not attempt this on her own (and bandmate Kristian Bush certainly did not either, although that would have been interesting to watch). She wisely left it up to an expert--namely the legendary MC Lyte, who joined the country pair on stage midway through their performance to drop some lines and generally shake things up a bit.

On their official website, Sugarland referred to their unexpected duet partner as "kick-ass," and I have to say, it really was a pleasurable mix. Country and rap generally do not pair well together on a serious level (no offense to Cowboy Troy, folks) but this was just plain fun to experience.

If rapping with a legend wasn't enough musical diversity for one country vocalist to tackle, Sugarland also chose to perform Aretha Franklin's "Think" for their second performance. Nettles, who has one of modern country's most undeniably powerful voices, could have easily handled this tune on her own. However, she paired it up with R&B diva Keri Hilson, creating yet another memorable mix of styles.

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Nettles also joined Hilson and pop sensation Katy Perry on stage in eye-popping mini-dresses and military caps to perform a rollicking opening number, the old classic "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy." The only thing that could upstage this trio's singing was...well, to be honest, their roughly 10 miles of good-looking gams on display. Insert major wolf whistle here.

The show took place in the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar hangar in San Diego, and was packed with soldiers ready to get their grooves on. Nettles' brother, who serves in the military, provided a nice touch to the evening by introducing his sister's band.

Did you see the Sugarland Divas performances? Did you enjoy seeing Jennifer mixing it up with MC Lyte and Keri? Be sure to let me know what's on your mind. 

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