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Sugarland Resumes Tour, Asks For ‘Moment Of Silence’ For Indiana Tragedy

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It's been almost a week since Sugarland was a mere brush away from certain peril--if not imminent death--when the stage the duo was to perform on at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis crumpled before their eyes minutes before they were to peform.

Understandably, the band and its entourage have taken a few days off to gather themselves after the weather-related accident, which killed five people and injured dozens of others. Thursday night, they resumed their Incredible Machine tour in Albuquerque, New Mexico--and, as expected, had some solemn words for their audience.

After taking the stage surrounded by their entire crew, Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles briefly recounted the details of the tragedy, then asked the crowd to stand a moment of silence for the wounded "and those beautiful lives that were lost."

A complete hush fell over the room for several seconds, then Kristian Bush launched into the guitar chords of Sugarland's "Love."

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Due to the fact that the band's set and instruments were lost to the Indiana collapse, the stage looked stark. Nettles and Bush themselves were garbed in plain black clothing, adding to the overall stripped-down feeling.

After finishing the song, Nettles said to the audience, "We know, Albuquerque, that you guys came to see a show. Obviously, in the loss of our set and our instruments and our equipment, this Incredible Machine looks very different right now. But we are going to try our best to put on our professional faces and come out here for you and celebrate with you the joy and the healing power of music."

You can see the performance here:

Sugarland currently has an open letter to fans on their official site, which notes that their loss of set and equipment is is "insignificant" in light of the overall tragedy.

"While music cannot change the events and losses at the Indiana State Fair, it can hopefully serve as a ritual and a balm to provide comfort and facilitate healing in this time of great sorrow," they stated.

The band is planning a private memorial in Indiana to honor those who died, and is "holding vigil" until that time arrives.

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