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The Surprising–but Simple–Reason Jewel Hasn’t Fixed Her Teeth

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Jewel (Photo: Jason Merritt)

Pop/country songstress Jewel sports one feature that has consistently drawn attention over her nearly two-decade career--her famously crooked teeth, of course. Why has she never chosen to fix them? Turns out there's a extraordinarily simple reason why.

"I just don't like pain," the 38-year-old admitted to Health. "I never wanted braces."

She adds that her uneven smile has actually worked in her favor over the years. "People have always loved my snaggletooth, which is hilarious," she noted to the magazine. "It should be my logo! I've never felt like it didn't make me sexy."

In fact, when Jewel took on the role of June Carter Cash in the upcoming Lifetime Original Movie Ring Of Fire, she made headlines by appearing with perfect teeth--which were the result of dentures, but some believed she'd actually taken the plunge and fixed her trademark imperfection.

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Jewel as June Carter Cash (Twitter)

"I found it funny that people thought that in a matter of two weeks, I was somehow able to straighten my teeth!" she related to Health.

Jewel's teeth even won her an acting role, when she auditioned and won a part in the 1999 Civil War film Ride With the Devil.

"I asked [the director], 'Why me?'" she told Shape in 2010."And he said, 'You have period teeth.' So I got the job because I was the only actress in Hollywood who hadn't gotten her teeth fixed!"

The singer also discussed her overall healthy and positive body image with Health, noting that she accepts the fact that she has a "little belly" and admires curvier women such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

"Our bodies are our bodies. And they're beautiful," is her opinion. "We can't let ourselves be the victims of what's in vogue. Because it's so arbitrary. Out of the spirit of defiance, if nothing else, accept yourself."

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