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Taylor Shows Her Stripes

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Seriously, folks, what IS it about Jack White and the country world? Just several weeks ago, we reported that none other than the Oak Ridge Boys were covering the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army."

Now, country/pop princess Taylor Swift is saying she wants to collaborate with the indie-rock god on her next album.

Jack White, despite not at first glance down-home Southern-friendly, has made strong ties with the country world of his own accord--most famously, on his collaboration with Loretta Lynn, Van Lear Rose. Additionally he worked with Ricky Skaggs and Ashley Monroe with his outfit the Raconteurs. He moved himself and family to Nashville where his icily British and equally un-heartlandish supermodel wife now runs a vintage clothing boutique. The couple seems a bit off-kilter in the framework of Tennessee, but it's apparent they have a good appreciation for and are accepted by the country world.

Aside from that, however, it's unclear--at least to this blogger--as to why this particular musician and his work continues to attract an ever-growing range of country folks (the Oak Ridge Boys to Taylor Swift is a fairly impressive span). It can't be for any sort of surprise factor: Country collaborations involving musicians of different, er, stripes abound these days, with Taylor herself already currently helming a most interesting one (that would be her venture with Def Leppard).

And then of course, there's Kid Rock, another non-country dude who's won friends and influenced people, but he always seemed a bit more Southern at heart to us than Jack White. It's easy to imagine Kid belching up some Coors and BBQ at a NASCAR event. Ditto Jon Bon Jovi and Darius Rucker, as long as we're tallying these up. But can't really even picture cowboy boots on Jack White (wonder if his wife's boutique sells them?).

Taylor herself explains her draw to White rather vaguely: "I'd love to play with Jack White because he's awesome. I love his style. I love his writing," she told MTV News. Hmm.

You know what we think would be awesome? If Taylor (or, hey! Jack White, even!) collaborated with another rock transplant to Nashville. Kip Winger! Now--wouldn't that be something?

Let us know what you think.

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