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Taylor Swift And Kanye West To Share MTV Stage Again?

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Comedian Chelsea Handler is known for being--well, duh--funny. So, it's easy to wonder if she's joking or serious about her latest announcement: Handler, who's hosting this year's Video Music Awards on September 12, says she wants to get Kanye West and Taylor Swift together for the show.

Now, as we all know, West rocked the free world last year at the VMAs by unceremoniously grabbing the mic from Swift during her acceptance speech for the Best Female Video award, and announcing that Beyonce should have won. Unfortunately for him, most everyone seemed to be on Team Taylor (even President Obama infamously deemed West "a jackass"). However, Swift herself--who says West did apologize privately to her--never really launched an counterattack, save a few mildly acerbic/funny references to the incident here and there.

Apparently Handler would like to facilitate an official burying of the axe. Or, at least, just a formal meeting. "I'd like to get them together," she told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show this week. "We've never really seen them together since [the 2009 incident].

"They were supposed to be together on Saturday Night Live"--which Swift hosted back in early November 2009--"but then that didn't end up happening."

Perhaps Handler isn't looking for a reconciliation, but a chance for Swift to finally, publically get her chance to bite back at West. "We'll try to think of something clever to do with them," she promised. "Because that would be really fun."

There's no official word yet if the two artists are willing to participate in Handler's bright idea. Knowing Swift as we country fans do so well, I'd guess she probably would be game for the challenge, as long as everything is kept light and comedic. (Although, I admit, I was rooting for her to rake West over the coals when she hosted SNL.) Given that Handler is a pretty funny chick, I can't imagine the incident would be handled in any other way.

As for whether West would be into the idea or not, I can't comment, except to say he's had plenty of time to think his behavior over. And, he's already going to be performing at the VMAs anyway. So, why not?

So I'll leave it up to you guys. Would you like to see Kanye West and Taylor Swift reunite (presumably in harmony/comedy) on the MTV stage again? Be sure to let me know.

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