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Taylor Swift Beats Eminem As 2010′s Best Overall Seller

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Rapper Eminem may hold the distinction of having the biggest-selling album of 2010, but when it comes to overall sales--country music wins again. Taylor Swift has been named by Billboard and Nielsen SoundScan as the overall top-selling artist, as well as Billboard's most-played artist of the year.

What's with country music winning "again," as I noted? Well, all of this is nothing new at all for Swift, whose basic existence has been the driving tour de force for country music for several years now. This is the second time she's scored the distinction of top-selling artist (been there, did that in 2008), and the second consecutive year she's been named the most-played artist.

Swift moved 4.4 million albums last year (cumulatively from her catalog; her 2010 release Speak Now alone sold 2.96 million) and there were 1.128 million airplay detections of her music, according to SoundScan.

Additionally, she sold more than 34 million tracks digitally; enough to maintain her position as the top-selling digital artist in music history.

Swift isn't the only country artist to make monster-sized tracks in 2010. Lady Antebellum had the second best-selling album of the year--the trio's Need You Now came within a hair of Eminem's record-setting Recovery, selling 3.1 million to his 3.4 million.

If all of these enormous numbers are making your head swim a little, I'll just synopsize things neatly for you: If you're a fan of country music, you are in wide, wide company!

Are you surprised that Taylor is the best-selling artist overall for 2010? Let me know what you think.

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