Taylor Swift Captivates Crowd With Eminem Cover

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As if Taylor Swift's sweet persona weren't enough in itself to captivate fans on her current Speak Now tour--the superstar singer has come up with an infectious, simple way to really get each individual crowd pumping.

Swift's been paying homage to hometown music in each city she visits, covering hits by star artists from the area. It's a great idea, as evidenced by the appreciative screams from the audience each time she does it. So far, she's paid respect to Springsteen and Bon Jovi in Jersey, and Alanis Morissette and Justin Bieber in Toronto--but our favorite to date is her tribute in Grand Rapids, Michigan on July 28.

If you're not familiar with Grand Rapids, it's the second-largest city in Michigan after Detroit. Who's from Detroit? Oh, just some dude named Eminem, that's all.

Check out Swift's take on "Lose Yourself." Yo!

Swift didn't stop with Em; she also took a crack at another well-known Michigan boy's tune: "Smile" by Uncle Kracker.

The big question on everyone's mind--who will Swift cover when she plays Chicago next week? Will it be...gulp...Kanye West?

Can't wait to find out, but we'll give her a pass if she plays it safe and decides to do, oh, say, Smashing Pumpkins instead.

In other Swift news, the singer has been managing to squeeze some sightseeing into her busy tour schedule. She recently tweeted a shot of her inaugural visit to the Lincoln Memorial--a late-night activity after her Washington D.C. date.

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One would think that since Swift is from the Philadelphia area, she would already have seen this national landmark at some point in her life. However, she has a good explanation. Apparently, she "missed the school trip in eighth grade cause I had a show," she tweeted.

How did you like Taylor's Eminem cover? Think she will choose to tackle a Kanye song in Chicago? Be sure to let me know your thoughts!

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