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Taylor Swift Chooses A ‘Lucky’ Cover Song In Louisiana

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When Taylor Swift made her stop in Bossier City, which is in the great state of Louisiana, on her Speak Now tour Tuesday night, she continued her practice of covering a song by a hometown-hero musician during the show. (Past covers include Justin Bieber, Eminem, and Gwen Stefani).

But who did she cover? There's plenty of talent out of the Pelican State.

Now. My first (and obvious) guess was that she'd cover Louisiana's own Tim McGraw--heck, the girl used him as the title for one of her songs, after all. But I guess that would be a tad too obvious--and perhaps a bit of overkill, since McGraw made a special appearance at her show in Nashville just a couple nights prior.

My second guess, then, came from the fact that Swift did a bang-up job rapping Eminem while in Michigan. So, I figured, maybe she'd try her hand at something by Lil Wayne. But I was wrong about that as well--Weezy is from New Orleans, and Swift will be returning to the state October 5 to play that very city. So perhaps she'll tackle him then.

So, what was the cover song that everyone is buzzing about this week? How could I forget Ms. Britney Spears, from Kentwood, Louisiana. Well, just call me "Crazy" for not figuring that one out.

Swift chose to cover "Lucky" by the pop princess, and here's how it went.

Swift's next date is Saturday in Kansas City, Missouri. Any guesses as to whom she'll cover there? She did Nelly while in St. Louis, so my pick is either David Cook or Sheryl Crow. Be sure to let me know what you think!

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