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Taylor Swift Explains Her Much-Discussed AMAs Hairstyle

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The 2010 American Music Awards, which took place on November 21, were ostensibly all about musical talent. However, even several days later, it seems that all everyone can talk about is hair.

And, that would be Taylor Swift's hair, to be exact. The country megastar showed up at the awards program with a stunning, straight new style that couldn't be further away from her trademark tousled curls, sparking news items about her mane worldwide.

Swift's experimented here and there with straightened hair in the past, but on Sunday night the addition of striking statement bangs to an extreme blowout actually made her difficult to recognize. (And I don't have to tell you that Taylor Swift is generally not hard to identify. In fact, in terms of recognizability, I'd put her up there with President Obama.)

Oh yeah--she also won an AMA award for favorite country female artist. But pshaw, another award for Taylor? It was the hair that made news, folks!

Given this, it comes as no surprise that Swift's locks were the primo topic of discussion Monday night when she made an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She walked on set looking "back to normal"--i.e., with curls in place--and promptly fielded a query about her AMAs 'do from Leno.

Swift explained that she rarely wears straight hair due to the effort involved. "My hair is sort of naturally 'fro-ed out," she noted. "That's why I always do it curly. It's a little easier."

She went on to relate reactions to her straightened hair backstage at the AMAs. "I'm walking through the halls of this award show, and I'm passing by people that I know--have known for years. And I'm like 'hey!'"

Can you all guess what happened? You got it--Swift's own longtime friends, not recognizing her, walked right on by! "I'm like, 'I'm back in junior high right now,'" she joked of the experience. "This is what it used to be like!"

In other Swift news, she announced plans for her 2011 world tour on Tuesday--an 87-date trek that will truly send her around the globe. She'll start in Singapore in February; then go on to Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and Hong Kong before covering Europe in March. She'll be touring the United States in late May.

"I'm thrilled to play in new cities around the world and meet even more of my fans in 2011," the singer said in a statement. This will also be her first tour as a legal adult, as she turns 21 next month. Go get 'em, Tay!

As long as we're discussing Taylor's new look, here--what did you think of it personally? Be sure to let me know what's on your mind.

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