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Taylor Swift Helps Out With A Real-Life ‘Love Story’

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Guys! Looking for the perfect way to pop the question to your girlfriend--an event she'll remember for the rest of her life? Forget about hiding the ring in a glass of champagne, using the jumbotron at the ballpark, or taking her on a helicopter ride. The new thing these days is getting Taylor Swift to help you out. 

Okay, so yeah, I'm kidding around a little--but Swift did add a memorable touch to one lucky dude's marriage proposal last week.

While backstage at her Grand Rapids, Mich. tour stop on Thursday night, the singer and her mother ran into Detroit radio morning show host Jason Raithel (aka 99.5 WYCD's "300-Pound Cowboy"--yes, he's a big guy), who was accompanied by his longtime girlfriend Kelli. Apparently, Swift is old cronies with Raithel--last year, when playing her Fearless tour in Auburn Hills, Mich., she and her mom advised Raithel that he "better be engaged" to his gal the next time they saw him.

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Well, Raithel didn't forget this warning. Upon seeing Swift and Momma Swift approaching, he said "The last time we saw you, you told us we'd better be engaged the next time you saw us." Then he pulled out a ring. Perfect timing. Well played!

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Swift--although probably as surprised as Raithel's girlfriend--rose to the occasion immediately and commanded Raithel to get down on his knee. Raithel countered that he didn't know if he'd be able to get back up again. (I told you, he's a big guy!)

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But all's well that ends well--Kelli said yes, and got to flash her purty ring for Swift's approval. Talk about a "love story!"

Congrats to the happy couple--and hey, if you guys don't choose a Swift song for your first dance at the wedding, I'm going to be disappointed!

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