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Taylor Swift Holds Massive Meet-And-Greet At CMA Fest

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Remember a little while ago when I posted about Taylor Swift's CMA Music Festival "lucky-13" plan; the one where she pledged to meet with fans for a whopping 13 hours straight on June 13?

Unfortunately, I have to report that she kind of flubbed things a bit.

How so? Well, she didn't manage to stick to her plan. Nope, she didn't do 13 hours.

Ha--gotcha, didn't I? You all know Taylor better than that. Sure, it's true that she didn't do 13 hours--but that's just because she actually went two hours overtime and completed a 15-hour meet-and-greet instead.

Talk about a gal who really loves her fans!

The singer's meet-and-greet event, held at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena, attracted more than 10,000 people--around 2,000 of which scored wristbands to get in line and actually meet Swift. (Fans could obtain wristbands in a variety of ways, including text-to-win mobile-phone contests, sponsor giveaways, and random selection by a wandering "fun team.")

Swift, who started greeting fans at 8 a.m. Sunday morning, realized that she wouldn't be able to meet everyone in line by her cut-off time of 9 p.m., so she went ahead and extended the party to 11 p.m.

In addition to spending one-on-one time with her many admirers, Swift provided a short musical set around 2:30 p.m., packing the arena full of fans eager to hear her play.

If all of this sounds like a crazy amount of people showing up just for the chance to meet one artist--it certainly was. According to the Tennessean, it appears the event may end up being the biggest single-artist event in the CMA Fest's history.

Swift, who's said that her favorite part of CMA Fest is meeting fans, seemed more than happy to reciprocate the love. "I'm hearing so many amazing stories from people," she gushed to the Tennessean.

All I can say is--15 hours straight mingling with her fans...this girl is truly Fearless. Okay, that was a really bad pun, but I seriously couldn't resist.

Let me know if you were at CMA Fest and got to witness this event--would love to hear your stories!

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