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Taylor Swift Is Lady Gaga’s Guilty Pleasure

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So, not only does Taylor Swift have a veritable flock of bona fide country fans, she seems to inspire affection even from the most unlikely sources.

Her latest admirer? Shock-and-spectacle expert Lady Gaga. Yep, it's true. In a recent interview, the quirky, award-winning entertainer started out somewhat dissing Swift, but ended up heaping genuine praise instead.

When asked to name a song she is embarrassed to like, Gaga's answer was, "That Taylor Swift song? 'You Belong With Me'? Oh my God! When it comes on the radio, I sing it so loud."

However, she hastened to note that she's not slamming Taylor's tune. She explained that her embarrassment comes mostly from singing it "so freely" and "so loud" whenever she hears it. "It's very whimsical in a way that I'm not necessarily whimsical every day," she noted.

That said, she doesn't think there's anything wrong with the song at all. "It's a great song!" she insists.

Gaga's final words on the matter? "I didn't mean that in a bad way, Taylor. I think you're lovely and beautiful, and I think you're a great songwriter."

I wrote a little while ago about how Gaga and Swift are kind of like the yin and yang of pop music, so finding out Gaga is a fan of Swift's tickles me. Now that the cat is out of the bag and we know there's love all around (well, I'm assuming on Taylor's side of things--but she's so nice, she likes everyone), I'd like to propose a Gaga-Swift duet. The only question is--what should they perform? "You Belong With Me," or "Telephone"?

I'll leave it up to you guys. Let me know what you think!

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