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Taylor Swift Premieres Zany–and Furry–Video For New Single

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From Swift's new video

Taylor Swift's brand-new single, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," may be a pretty straightforward, catchy pop hit--audibly, that is. The eagerly awaited video for the tune, which premiered on MTV Thursday evening, is...well, anything but that.

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In fact, I'd go so far as to call the video kind of bizarre. The clip, which was shot continuously all in one take ("We messed up 17 times before we got it right," Swift told MTV), features Swift as the Swift we all know--pretty dresses, cute demeanor, basically doing her trademark Taylor thing.

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However, the weird part: She's joined by her band, bouncing wildly from scene to scene, all inexplicably dressed in furry animal suits. There doesn't appear to be any cryptic message hidden here. Just weirdness for the-heck-of-it's sake.

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Robert Smith of the Cure

Call me crazy, but the first thing it reminded me of was alt-rock heroes the Cure's video for their 1987 hit "Why Can't I Be You"--you know, the one with Robert Smith bopping around in a shaggy bear suit. (I'm sure many of you will not be old enough to get the reference--watch their vid here and see if I'm right?)

Apparently Swift wouldn't mind such an odd comparison, because she told MTV, "I wanted the video to look as quirky as the song sounds." I'd say mission accomplished, and then some--although, I'd really have liked to see Swift herself in a furry bear suit. Perhaps she'll grant that wish with her next video!

Swift's fourth studio album, Red, is scheduled for release on October 22.


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