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Taylor Swift Reveals Details Of New Album, Single, Video

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Taylor Swift was a few minutes late entering her much-anticipated webchat with fans on Tuesday afternoon, leaving more than 40,000 viewers waiting and anxiously tweeting "Where's Taylor?!"

She more than made up for her tardiness, however, by revealing right off the bat all the most important details of her upcoming third album, which is the follow-up to 2009's bestselling Fearless.

The new record, Speak Now, will hit stores October 25, Swift excitedly informed fans. She noted that the album's title is a theme for the entire project: "Track by track, each song is a different confession to a different person."

The first single, "Mine," will be released mid-August. Swift explained that the song is about her tendency to run from love, as well as her hopes of finding someone to make her believe in love. "I'm never going to go past hoping that love will work out. Even if it seems really hard," she told her fans.

She confirmed rumors that a video was shot in Maine two weeks ago for the single, adding that Maine is "the most beautiful place," and that she would like to retire there.

Swift also revealed that the album will contain 14 songs, all of which she wrote completely on her own. "[The lack of cowriters] didn't happen on purpose, it just sort of happened that way," she said, adding, "I get my best ideas at three a.m. in Arkansas."

Aside from discussing details about her new music, Swift answered a variety of questions ranging in topic from her favorite coffee (lattes), to her favorite summer outfit (sundresses), to where she shops for headbands (craft stores and Anthropologie). When asked how she likes to spend her free time, Swift noted she has given herself very little time off lately--"I've been obsessed with being in the studio"--but admitted enjoying antique shopping. She repeatedly mentioned being very excited about moving into her new home.

The singer, who appeared in the movie Valentine's Day earlier this year, said she would love to resume her acting career at some point--but that she's planning on focusing on music exclusively for the time being.

One of the more interesting fan queries requested Swift's best advice for budding songwriters. True to form, the singer recommended taking a very personal approach.

"First know the person you're writing about. Then, write a letter to them," she said.

"The more it seems like a journal entry, the better."

A complete video of the chat can be accessed here.

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