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Taylor Swift Gets in (Yet Another!) Veiled Barb at an Awards Show

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Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris

Taylor Swift has a history of taking little, not-so-subtle at times, digs at her exes — in both her songs, and her stage appearances at awards shows. The 2013 Video Music Awards saw yet another one of these, delivered sweetly as a "compliment."

Upon receiving the award for Top Female Video (for her tune "I Knew You Were Trouble"), Swift took the stage and did the usual rundown of thanks to the usual professionals who helped make the clip. She then paused and noted in a pleasant tone that she wanted to thank "the person who inspired this song, because now I have one of these," indicating her trophy.

Now, it's never been confirmed just exactly who "Trouble" is about. But of course, the cameras panned to Swift's arguably most famous ex, Harry Styles, who himself was there as both a VMAs presenter and nominee with his band One Direction.

Oh snap, Taylor, there you go again!

However, as we noted, there's no solid confirmation the song is about Styles. In fact, the boy-band heartthrob even made headlines last week for noting that he's "sure" Swift will write a song about him. As not in "has written" — as in "will write." ("At least she's a great songwriter," he quipped.)

Swift didn't just attract attention for her little barb on stage. She also sported an eye-catching vintage-style 'do on the red carpet, which drew mixed opinions on Twitter, with a fairly equal split of "love" vs. "hate" votes.

The strongest criticism seemed to come from fans who were confused by the new short length, asking whether Swift had decided to cut her long locks.

There's no confirmation out there yet, but Swift's shorter style was probably faked by a clever hairstylist by folding and pinning the length under in order to mirror a retro bobbed look. Although her hair appeared slightly trimmed at her latest tour stop this weekend in Los Angeles, it's unlikely she cropped her hair specifically for the awards show.

Swift was nominated in several categories for Sunday night's VMAs, including the top honor, Video of the Year, for her clip "I Knew You Were Trouble." The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards aired live from Brooklyn's Barclays Center on August 25.

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