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Taylor Swift Will Host Chat To Discuss Hotly Anticipated New Album

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Taylor Swift has always been an exemplary artist in terms of communicating with her audience, and her latest outreach proves this point even further.

Knowing that the follow-up to Fearless--the top-selling album of 2009--is a topic of great interest, she's decided to host a live web chat next week to discuss her upcoming new album with anyone who's interested.

"I've gotten so many questions from fans--on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, my website, everywhere really," the singer explained, adding, "It's so incredible to see how excited everybody is about what's next."

Swift is adamant that her fans be the first to know everything about her new material. "I can't wait to talk to everybody as directly as I can," she enthused.

Swift will host the chat on Tuesday, July 20 starting at 5 p.m. EDT. The discussion can be accessed and questions may be submitted at any of the following sites: Taylorswift.com, MySpace.com/TaylorSwift, Facebook.com/TaylorSwift, or Ustream.tv/taylorswift.

Swift is currently finishing up work on the new record, which will be her third studio album and is expected to be released sometime this fall. Last week, she caused a buzz by reportedly filming a music video in Maine, in which she was dressed in a bridal costume. It's not been confirmed if the clip is actually from the new album, however.

What would you like to ask Taylor Swift about her upcoming release? (Or, anything else--I'm sure she'll get unrelated questions as well.) Be sure to let me know!

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