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Taylor Swift’s Message With ‘Mean’ Video: It Gets Better

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A boy who prefers fashion magazines to football. A teenaged girl who works for a fast-food diner and suffers jeers from her peers. A little girl who eats her lunch alone in a bathroom stall.

Oh, and a gorgeous, glamorous star who has fulfilled her dream of "someday living in a big old city," while all her detractors have done with their lives is "be mean."

All of these personalities star in Taylor Swift's new video for "Mean," and it's a touching reminder in today's climate--where bullying is more prominent than ever--that it does get better.

Because, of course, Swift's video gives the happy endings we all love. The boy grows into a famous designer, cheered on the runway and flanked by models. The teen girl saves her minimum wage for college and becomes a powerful executive in a corner office.

And the little girl in the bathroom? Well, we don't find out what happens to her, explicitly. But let's just say that Swift's tale seems to be somewhat autobiographical.

Only Taylor Swift could take a song that thematically says "Up yours," and still seem sweeter than ever.

Aside from the positive message, the video is fun to watch for its beautifully shot, vaudevillian-influenced vignettes. As usual, Swift manages to inject a shot of light and humor into even the darkest subjects. It's really one of her best talents.

Enjoy the video! And be sure to let me know what you think of it.

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