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Taylor Times Two Breaks Up

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Aw, shucks--it was just too cute to last, I suppose. After a few months of winks, rumors, and Saturday Night Live skits, Taylor Swift and Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner are reportedly no longer an item.

The two Taylors, who met as co-stars on the set of the upcoming film Valentine's Day, have been seen out and about together since October. While never officially confirming anything, the pair had a good deal of fun fueling rumors about their relationship, with the prime moment probably being Swift's campy air-kiss to Lautner during her stint as SNL host in November. (Lautner responded theatrically in kind, chivalrously kicking the crap out of a Kanye West dummy when he had his own turn hosting SNL.)

News of the breakup, of course, immediately hit gossipy outlets such as Us Weekly and People. However, as a true testimony of Swift's star power, the split is making headlines on some mainstream news outlets as well.

According to Us online, a source reported that the pair had blah chemistry, and that Lautner liked Swift more than she liked him. Apparently the last hurrah occurred when he flew out to her birthday party in Nashville on December 13...kerplunk, kaplooey after that.

However, the source noted that the pair hope to remain friends. A practical stance, as they will no doubt be faced with promotional togetherness for their flick Valentine's Day, which comes out in (duh) February. (Who knows? Maybe they'll get back together just in time for the premiere--wink, wink!)

Are you all bummed about this breakup? Or couldn't care less--I mean, Carrie Underwood got engaged last week, right? Let me know what you think.

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