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The Zac Brown Band: Send A Letter To A Soldier On Veterans’ Day!

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Back in May, the Zac Brown Band, in partnership with Ram Trucks, kicked off a national letter-writing campaign targeted at showing appreciation to the men and women who serve our country. Titled "Letters For Lyrics," the concept was simple--write a letter to a U.S. soldier, bring it to a ZBB concert or your local Ram dealership, and receive a special compilation CD in return for your effort. It was a perfect way to celebrate May's Memorial Day holiday.

And now, we're all the way to November, the band is still working on reaching its goal of 1 million letters sent to soldiers serving around the globe, and they've come up with an extra-convenient way for you to participate in the campaign--just in time for Veterans' Day on November 11.

If you haven't been able to make it out to a show or found time to visit a dealership--or, heck, if you just can't find an envelope around the house (guilty over here)--the campaign now has a dedicated online form in which you can simply compose your message, hit "send," and you're all done.


The letters will be compiled and printed, then distributed to servicemen and women by the volunteer organization Soldier's Angels. You can write as many letters as you wish, and share the form's widget on your Facebook account or personal website so friends and family can use it too. You can even donate the compliation CD you'd have received as a thank-you gift to accompany your letter!

"We are extremely proud of the men and women who serve and protect our country. Year 'round, we remember those service members our country has lost and those who continue to serve, and we try to honor their heroism with every chance we get," Zac Brown says of the campaign.

"For us, the 'Letters for Lyrics' campaign has been hugely rewarding. We urge our fans, and everyone out there, to take time this Veterans' Day to send a message, or many, to our troops currently overseas."

What better way to honor the past servants of our country this Veterans' Day than sending a message of thanks and appreciation to someone who's following in their footsteps? And, don't forget Thanksgiving on November 25. There are many soldiers out there who'll be on the job, thousands of miles away from turkey dinners with their families.

If you have the day off from work or school, why not take a minute out of your holiday relaxation to say 'thank you'? It's easy; just click here, compose your message, and send. It'll make both you and your military recipient overseas feel great.


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