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Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Become Living Dolls!

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File this one in the "too cute for words" drawer. Or, perhaps not, if you aren't a country-music fan. But even if you don't happen to care for the new Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Barbie dolls which are set to be put out by Mattel, we're betting any little girl in your life will adore them!

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The dolls are being sold as a set to commemorate McGraw and Hill's 15th wedding anniversary (see, I told you this was too cute) which falls in October. They'll be officially available a little early for the occasion--you can pick them up next month at the Barbie Collector site for the price of $69.99. If you want to make certain you get your hands on the set, it is currently available for purchase on backorder.

According to Entertainment Weekly, which featured the first look at the dolls, the royal country couple themselves had a hand in designing their mini-lookalikes. They sent photos to Mattel of their own clothing, plus makeup and hair suggestions. Mattel apparently took all this direction very seriously, indeed--the prototype for the dolls took a full two months to create.

I can't say the dolls look exactly like McGraw and Hill--The McGraw figure looks a bit more authentic, whereas Hill's looks a bit "generic blond Barbie" to me--but they are certainly close enough to pass muster. And yes, I do think they are adorable.

And yes...I seriously might be tempted to play with them if someone happens to send my preschool-aged daughter a set. Shhh! Don't tell anyone. (Least of all my daughter; she'll hide them from me.)

What do you think of the Tim and Faith Barbie dolls? Cute or silly? Be sure to let me know what's on your minds.

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