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Tim McGraw Announces Changes To Longtime Band

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Tim McGraw's Emotional Traffic tour certainly seems to have weathered its share of bumps over its run. First, the singer suffered an injury which forced him to perform in a foot cast. Now, it seems, he's having to deal with some internal band drama.

"As some of you might know, there have been some recent changes in my band," McGraw wrote on his Facebook wall Wednesday. "Change can be hard, and it's not something you come to lightly. I couldn't be more proud of the music we've created together over the years, and I'll treasure the memories.

"I know you will join me in wishing everyone only the best in their future endeavors. Thanks for all the unwavering support you've shown me over the years, and I can't wait to continue our journey...See you all soon!"

McGraw's longtime band, the Dancehall Doctors, have been making music with him since the '90s. It's unclear which members of the group are out at this point.

Fans on McGraw's Facebook account responded with confusion--and quite a few expressed outright disapproval--but most wished him good luck with the lineup changes (however they may shake out).

McGraw recently announced he will be touring Australia in 2012 with his wife, Faith Hill. It's been five years since the couple last toured together, and this is the first time they've joined forces outside of North America. You can get more information about their Down Under dates here.

Are you surprised by McGraw's decision to change his band's lineup? Are you disappointed, or do you think he's simply doing what he has to do--for whatever reason? Be sure to let me know what's on your minds.

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