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Tim McGraw Named “Country’s Hottest Guy”–But Does Faith Hill Agree?

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Who do you think is country music's hottest guy? Well, this year, PEOPLE Country has crowned Tim McGraw with the title. Newly sober and trim--he's recently lost almost 40 pounds--McGraw is looking better than ever, and the magazine claims he's won the honor "hands down."

However, the star musician and actor tells PEOPLE that his own wife, Faith Hill, would not agree with their choice. In fact, she'd pick a totally different guy!

And who would that lucky man be? "George Strait," McGraw admits. "She thinks he's gorgeous!"

Poor McGraw doesn't even get second place in his wife's book. He thinks Kris Kristofferson wins that slot. "When we're around him, she can barely speak."

We're sure McGraw is being a bit tongue-in-cheek about his wife's preferences, because he certainly is no slouch in the sexiness department by any standard. Among his revelations to PEOPLE: He prefers sleeping in the nude.

McGraw, who's the father of three children, claims "I still feel pretty young." Well, no wonder--at a mere 43 years old, he's a spring chicken compared to Strait (who's 58) and Kristofferson (who will turn 74 next week)!

The "hottest guy" issue of PEOPLE Country will hit newstands on June 18. You can read a full interview with McGraw, as well as check out profiles of the other smokin' country boys he managed to beat out--including Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley...oh, and yes, Faith's fave, Mr. Strait.

Be sure to let me know if you agree with PEOPLE's choice of Tim McGraw for hottest country guy, or if you're like Faith Hill and would choose a different artist!

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