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Tim McGraw Sued By His Label For Breach Of Contract

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It's no secret that Tim McGraw has been frustrated in recent times with the only record label he's called home since his debut nearly 20 years ago. And it appears the frustration has become mutual. According to Billboard, Curb Records filed suit against the superstar on Friday, citing breach of contract.

The main issue lies with McGraw's upcoming album for Curb, Emotional Traffic, which he delivered the masters for in October of last year. Curb alleges that McGraw recorded the album early as a tactic to prematurely fulfill his contractual obligations to the label.

The complaint, which was obtained by Billboard, goes on to allege that McGraw and Curb agreed on a recording schedule that allowed a specific amount of time between albums, and that McGraw started recording the album outside of the contractually allowed period, therefore compromising its "topical and new" qualities.

The damages sought are undisclosed, although the suit does request McGraw be prevented from recording for another label until he's fulfilled obligations for Curb.

The McGraw camp provided Billboard with a statement, which reads in part: "Tim McGraw delivered his new album, Emotional Traffic, to Curb in the fall of 2010. The label is holding the album hostage from country music fans in an attempt to force Tim McGraw to serve perpetually under a contract that he has already fully and faithfully completed."

Additionally, McGraw's lawyers told Billboard they plan to respond "vigorously and promptly" to the suit. Neither Curb Records nor its counsel had a comment. 

McGraw has been vocal for several years about his unhappiness with his Curb contract. A main complaint was his displeasure with the amount of hits compilations the label has released in between his new material; he speculated that this was strategically planned to keep him under contract and stall his departure.

The singer has also had less harsh words for the label, saying to various outlets that he's had a good career and is grateful to Curb, but after two decades he simply feels the need for a change.

Emotional Traffic, when released, will mark McGraw's 11th studio album. He's been performing music from the record on his most current tour.

Are you surprised to hear about the lawsuit against Tim McGraw? Have you been impatient waiting for his new album? Be sure to let me know what you think.

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