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Trace Adkins Has One Dog-Gone Brave Daughter!

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By now, everyone knows about the terrible fire that claimed Trace Adkins's Nashville-area home earlier this month--and also that his family was remarkably versed in safety procedures, resulting in everyone getting out unharmed.

However, it turns out that Adkins's children (two of his three daughters were in the house when it went up in flames) are not only level-headed when it comes to their own safety--they're concerned for others as well.

According to People Pets, Adkins's 9-year-old daughter Brianna was the one who realized during the family's evacuation that her dogs were left behind. So, she went back to save them.

"A neighbor tried to stop her," Adkins told People Pets. "But she wouldn't be stopped." The neighbor then assisted Brianna in locating the dogs and carrying them to safety.

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Now, that is one brave little girl! Adkins agrees, and said he told his daughter how proud he was of her.

It seems that Brianna comes by her love of animals naturally. Her dad has just joined forces with dog-treat company Waggin' Train for a special promotion. Folks who love their canine buddies are invited to write a jingle about their relationship with their pet, to be entered into a contest with a pretty meaty grand prize. The winner will be flown to Nashville and treated to a recording session for their doggie tune, with Adkins at the producer's helm. Woof! If you'd like to enter the contest, you can get all the info you need here.

In addition to the Waggin' Train partnership, Adkins is keeping busy and not letting his recent disaster keep him down. He's going ahead with plans to release his new album, the aptly named Proud To Be Here, on August 2.

Are you a dog lover too? Plan on entering Trace's contest? Be sure to let me know!

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