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Trace Adkins Lands New Acting Role

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Hmmm...could Trace Adkins, the man termed "The Voice Of God" by none other than Gene Simmons, be moving from music into a fulltime acting career? The latest news from Traceville (which has not been a quiet place for quite a long time now--just last week, he scored two Grammy nominations) is that the singer will be taking a role in a new original series pilot.

The show is called Tough Trade, and, well, no surprise here--it's a drama about Nashville; specifically following the ups and downs of a musical family dynasty facing bankruptcy from too much debauchery. Adkins plays a bodyguard and family friend with the rather ironic name of "Scared." (Trace Adkins--scared of anything?! After facing Donald Trump?)

All in all it promises to be a good time--this is the first original series for new premium channel EPIX, and has the creator of the highly successful series Weeds on board, as well as some serious costars including Sam Shepard. The pilot is set to air in 2010 and filming began last week in Nashville.

Adkins is no stranger to TV or film. As you all surely know, he was the very well-loved runner-up on the first season of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, as well as made appearances on game shows, various sitcoms, and Gene Simmons's reality show. He appeared on the big screen in the satire An American Carol. And, some of his funniest acting chops can be seen in buddy Blake Shelton's latest video, "Hillbilly Bone." (If you haven't seen it, check it out.) He does seem to have a definite lean toward comedic talent, so let's see how he does in a dramatic role.

Plus, he's just one of those guys who seems to chug along being successful at whatever he does. Writing books, appearing as a comic-book hero, dodging bullets from his ex-wife...okay, you get the picture. The real question is, will he be so successful at acting that he'll want to give up music for good? Ten million records sold say "no," but you never know. In the meantime, I'm just sitting here jealous of his talent. The dude just never seems to sit still.

So, let me know what you all think about Trace as a potential fulltime actor. Should his next song be titled "Films About Me"? (Okay--that was a bad one, sorry.)

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