Trace Adkins’s House Fire Determined Electrical, Accidental

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For those who have been worried about Trace Adkins and his family--who lost their entire Nashville-area home to a catastrophic fire on Saturday--the probable cause of the disaster has been identified.

According to the Tennessean and a post on Adkins's own official site, fire investigators--who combed through the remains of the house for several hours on Sunday--suspect that an overheated or loose electrical connection in a power strip located under a workbench in the garage was the problem. The fire was determined accidental.

Earlier reports guessed at the family's clothes dryer exploding as the root cause, but Adkins's wife, Rhonda--who was out running errands when the fire started--said the dryer hadn't been used in a week.

Adkins himself wasn't home or even in his hometown when his house burned to the ground. He was on a plane to Alaska and was met by security with the news upon landing.

Two of the Adkins's children were in the house, along with houseguests and the family's pets--but, thankfully, everyone (including the animals) made it out safely.

Adkins posted on his official site that he's "humbled by the outpouring of concern from friends and fans." He and his family urged fans to take some time to practice fire safety drills in order to be prepared for an unforseeable accident such as this.

Sounds like a good plan to me--if this could happen to Trace, it could happen to anyone. If you'd like to learn how to help protect your own family, you can visit and

Adkins is scheduled to play the CMA Music Festival in Nashville this Saturday, and looks like these plans haven't changed, so if you're attending the fest you'll still be able to see him perform.

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