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Trace And Gene…Together Again!

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Last year, after he (sadly) lost the winning slot on Celebrity Apprentice, Trace Adkins was left with an unexpected prize: a fast friendship with his teammate Gene Simmons. As he told our Reality Rocks blogger, Lyndsey Parker: "Of all the things that I'll take with me from that experience, one of the things I'll cherish the most is getting to hang out with Gene Simmons."

Well, good news for everyone! The Kiss bassist/metal icon and the country star (whom Gene termed "the voice of God") are reuniting, and we couldn't ask for a better venue--on Gene's own reality show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

The plot sounds a bit corny--starting with the episode's title, "Rootin' Tootin' Gene." Aw, awright, I admit it, that is kind of funny. Anyway, Gene, acting on a favor to Kiss's manager, makes a trip to Nashville to get an ornery but promising country band in order. (Interesting note for those who don't know: Doc McGhee, the manager in question, also manages a number of country acts, including Chris Cagle and Darius Rucker.) Guess who shows up to surprise Gene and give some real down-home country advice? Nope, it ain't Luke McBain! (Hope you were reading this blog last week!)

Anyway, perhaps a bit corny, as I said--but also should be good fun. No word on whether the two will musically collaborate on the show, but here's crossing some fingers. The voice of God and the...tongue of God. Can't beat that combo.

The episode airs this Sunday, 8/9 at 9:30 p.m. ET on the A&E channel. Be sure to tune in!

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